"No more giving away fish to your neighbours!"

We all know we should eat more fish – it’s a fantastic source of low fat protein. It’s also so quick to cook! Our aim at Salt Guide is to bring your family together on the water and around the dinner table. Around the dinner table is where Craig comes in.

With his passion for fishing, preparing and cooking seafood, Craig enjoys nothing more than a day of filming with the Salt Guide Crew topped off with a fantastic seafood meal.

A cattle farmer family’s son originally from the bush, Craig started his working life as a butcher’s apprentice before running many butcher shops around the country, so it’s fair to say he knows how to handle a knife.

After 12 years in the meat industry Craig made a career change to real estate and eventually moved from the country to Melbourne bayside where direct access to the bay opened up a whole new world of saltwater fishing. When he is not out on the boat or selling homes locally, Craig is travelling with his family and as a passionate cook, he has collected an impressive repertoire of seafood recipes on his travels. Always on the hunt for new and exciting ways to prepare and cook his catch, Craig is ready to share his bounty with Salt Guide members. No more flour and fry, move over beer battered fish, wait ‘til you try his version of whiting dumplings – spectacular!!!

With Gawaine and Aaron’s tuition at the Salt Guide, your table will be groaning under the weight of your catch. Now it’s Craig’s turn to load you up with filleting skills to rival a sushi chef and a spectacular selection of recipes – from quick family meals to dinner party dishes  your friends will be talking about for weeks. Makes you want to get out on the water…and back to the kitchen…

Bon Appétit  

If you have a favourite fish recipe you would like to share we would love to hear from you or perhaps you have experienced a great seafood dish at a restaurant recently and would love the recipe?  Contact: [email protected]