The Salt Guide crew find the fish in Port Phillip Bay and Western Port as well as hot bites up and down the Victorian coast and give you all the details each and every week on where to go and what to do when you get there - all for less than a cup of coffee a week…it's the cheapest charter you will ever take.

  • GPS marks for where the fish are actually firing now - each and every week

  • Learn what to target for the week ahead and why

  • Learn what weather conditions turn the fish on and off

  • Learn exactly how to fish each species with 100's of short tutorial videos

  • Interactive workshops on specific species to fine tune your fishing

  • Avoid wasting your time and money trying to catch fish that won't be biting

  • Member discounts that well and truly cover the cost of your membership

  • Regular major competitions with quality prizes

It's the best fishing club around so jump on board Salt Guide, learn from the experts and let’s go fishing… 

Western-Port- Whiting

Predictive weekly reports

Follow these and you will catch fish !

Each week our reports teach you exactly when and where in port phillip bay and western port to catch calamari, King George whiting, flathead, gummy sharks, snapper, kingfish, tuna, mako, garfish and more...as well as hot bites up and down the vic coast.

Learn where to go diving for crays and scallops as well as land based fishing, collecting bait... the list goes on.

Click on the video to check out a weekly report!


A massive library of short videos that take you through it all - burley, bait, rigs, techniques, the right gear to use, the best tides, winds and moon phases, mastering your sounder, boat maintenance, techniques for releasing fish safely... the list goes on…and on… 

Check out a few sample videos below…


Technique for Whiting

How to create the bite when whiting fishing

Bleeding a School Shark

Gawaine shows you how to correctly bleed a school shark

Anchoring for Whiting

Using the sounder to anchor on the edge of a channel for whiting


One of our most popular features are our workshops. They are such a great opportunity to score heaps of extra tips and tricks on a particular target species.

we have regular replays of ouR live chat workshops open to all members to watch at leisure from the comfort of THE lounge room. 

free for yearly members, we also offer interactive workshops held throughout the year at various venues around melbourne for your chance to meet the boys, ask questions, score some rippa prizes, learn heaps and have a bit of fun. all included with your yearly Salt Guide membership...

heaps of competitions

Members go in the draw to win quality prizes with gear we love and know you will too. These are drawn EVERY 2nd WEEK. mad fish bags, heaps of quality fishing and boating gear, Bogs Boots, Hookem nets - you get the drift...

Then...there's a massive end of month comp where members can score a Boatcatch, guide with Gawaine or heaps of other stonking prize packs.


There are two types of memberships

Deck Hand - $18 per month (incl gst)

Cancel anytime 

Skippers - $165 per year (incl gst)

free LIVE workshops & a rippa one-off $100 compleat angler dandenong in-store voucher.. & IT'S Heaps cheaper than by the month TOO


So, you've got your reports showing you what to target, where to go and when.

You've got your videos showing you what to do when you get out there.

You've even got your regular workshops to drill down into each target species in even more detail.

But it doesn't end there - we also have spectacular fish recipes as well as a library of fishing info...it's your one-stop-shop for everything fishing...



Bagged out? Of course you have! We’ll take you through cleaning, filleting and caring for your catch and then finish off with the best seafood recipes you will ever try – sourced from some of Australia’s most renowned chefs and restaurants.


There's also a library of fishing & boating knowledge - gear to use, species by species info, heaps of boating guff on safety, regs, navigation & shipping lanes. what more could you want... or need?