Under stage III restrictions fish close to home

By on July 28th, 2020

Stage III restrictions: Fishing is permitted but don’t travel too far 


Under stage 3 restrictions use the fishing spot closest to your home. This applies to metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire where fishing and boating is a permitted activity with the following restrictions:

If you live in metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire, you should not travel further than you need to and you should use the fishing spot closest to your home.

You cannot travel outside of metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire to go boating and fishing. You should stay as close to home as possible.

If you live outside of metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire, existing restrictions still apply – but you cannot travel into metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire to go boating and fishing.

It’s critical you keep 1.5 metres between yourself and others on land and on-board vessels, and you practise good hygiene.

While bays and oceans are outside the restricted area, they will be treated as a mixed zone. This means, providing physical distancing and numbers requirements are met:

All boats launched within metropolitan Melbourne must be retrieved back in metropolitan Melbourne, and vice versa for the rest of Victoria.

Boats launched within metropolitan Melbourne must not land outside of Metro Melbourne, and vice versa for the rest of Victoria.

However, you should stay as close to home as possible. You cannot drive a long way from your home to launch your boat, if it can be done closer to home. Day trips are not considered reasonable travel for recreation.

For more information,  check out Vic Fisheries

Winter Fishing

The gars are currently going crazy in PPB. They are not only an extremely fun fish to catch and target but eating quality is right up there with the best. Lightly floured, salt & pepper, shallow fry, super hot – YUM! We filmed some great land based options during the week. Gawaine also has videos up on boat fishing for them – it’s a lot of fun for the kids during the holidays too.

As the weather calms down from Wednesday, offshore will also come into play. Gummy sharks are going great and the boys have all the details to get you on to them, including rigs, baits, gear and best times and areas to fish.

These cooler months will also see the calamari fishing fire up right in certain areas of Port Phillip Bay and Western Port. There are some big King George whiting about too. Chris points you to the right spots on the Mornington Peninsula and Western Port, Aaron always gets you onto them on the west side of the bay and Gawaine has got you covered in Western Port and beyond as well as some thumping ocean whiting.

The winter months also provide us with awesome pinkie snapper fishing with heaps of pan sized fish available in many areas of the bay. Chris gives you all the details. Such great fun on the light rods and as long as they are over 28cm and under 40cm you can keep up to ten of them!

For all the details including exact GPS marks each and every week, together with 100’s of tutorial videos, head to saltguide.com.au.


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