Stage III restrictions and fishing

By on March 20th, 2020

Advice on Stage III restrictions and fishing

The Victorian Government is directing everyone in Victoria to stay home to slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). People cannot participate in recreational activities as they normally would, including fishing or boating.

Fishing licences
Vic Fisheries advise that recreational fishing licence money goes into fish stocking, access and infrastructure. It will continue to be invested to make sure that when we can fish again there will be plenty of fish to catch. This money also funds Fisheries Officers who are continuing to patrol the waterways.

Commercial fishing
Commercial fishing plays an important part in supplying Victorians and can continue at this time.

Recreational fishing charters
People cannot participate in recreational fishing or boating, this includes on charters.

Live Chat Workshops

We are so happy we can offer our members regular Live Chats with the crew during this time. Live chats will continue each week while fishing restrictions continue in Victoria where Salt Guide members can log into the site and catch up for tutorials and Q & A sessions with the our fishing experts, Aaron Habgood and Gawaine Blake.

Our first session was a Q & A session with Aaron where he fielded questions and provided great info on everything from where to find bait fish on the east side of the bay, when to use a sea anchor and when to bridle, right through to his techniques for success with the great tuna run outside The Rip … it went on for hours and, from the feedback, was a beauty of a session.

During the second session, Aaron talked all things Whiting, covering in detail where to fish and when based on moon phase, weather conditions, tidal flow, dirty water and swell, gear to use, bait, burley and heaps more…

It is Gawaine’s turn tonight, covering Western Port whiting so stay tuned…

This is such a great opportunity to get all your questions answered – if you haven’t experienced a live chat before, you can see and hear the speaker but they can’t see you – you just type in your questions, and the speaker sees them immediately (and answers them…bang!)

Next on the list will be tutorials on topics such as whiting, calamari, kingfish, tuna, snapper, gear, bait collection, and loads more… all from the comfort of your own home… …so sign up to Salt Guide and get your questions ready.

Head to the Salt Guide for all the details.