Gawaine’s toothy rig
Gawaine’s toothy rig
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Gawaine’s Toothy Rig


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Tied by Gawaine, this rippa rig is similar to the offshore gummy rig but using wire to eliminate bite offs. Gawaine has tested it on the school sharks which are notably shy and they still took the bait!

Made up of quality Gamakatsu circle hooks, Hook’em lumo protectors, quality solid rings and leader.

You will need to tie 2m of wind on 50lb leader to your main line (preferably with an FG knot – check the vid in the video library). Then attach your wind on leader to the ring with a uni knot. Tie an appropriate sized sinker to the other end of the rig with a uni knot (not a loop). Generally for offshore fishing we use a size 4 sinker. In other tidal areas the size will differ – alter sinker size to make sure you hold bottom.

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