Gawaine’s snelled snapper rig
Gawaine’s snelled snapper rig
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Gawaine’s Snelled Snapper Rig


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Tied by Gawaine, this snelled snapper rig on 40lb mono leader with quality Gamakatsu 5/0 and 4/0 octopus hooks is his go-to rig for snapper but he also likes to use it for mulloway.

Slide a size 1 or 2 small ball sinker onto the rig and then attach your main line to the end of the rig with a back to back uni knot. Please note, depending on your bait size and depth of water as well as in calmer conditions, a sinker may not be required.  Refer to vids in the video library for how to present various baits on snelled rig.

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