Gawaine’s dropper rig
Gawaine’s dropper rig
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Gawaine’s Dropper Rig


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Tied by Gawaine, this rippa rig is designed to avoid bi-catch and can be used both offshore and in Western Port, Port Phillip Bay as well as areas like Port Welshpool.

This is a paternoster style rig made up with 1.2 meters of 40 lb mono, Hook’em lumo bead and sleeve, plus a quality Gamakatsu Inline Straight Eye 6/0 Hook.

You just need to attach the swivel to a wind on leader with a uni knot. The wind on leader should be approx  2 metres and attached to your main line preferably with an FG knot – check Gawaine’s vid in the video library on how to tie this rippa knot. Then attach the appropriate sized sinker to the loop. Generally for offshore fishing we use a size 4 sinker. In other tidal areas the size of your sinker will differ – alter sinker size to make sure you hold bottom.

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