Port Phillip Bay Gummy Shark Fishing

By on March 1st, 2020

Autumn is a great time of year to fish for gummy sharks both Port Phillip Bay and offshore.

Some of the best gummy shark fishing we have is so close to home and very accessible for most boats. Chris has been getting very consistent catches just out of Rye/Rosebud and this will continue all through the Easter period.

Over the next few weeks Chris will talk all things gummy shark. He will go over how he goes about fishing for these amazing sharks from start to finish. It starts with planning. Checking the wind and tide for the most suitable area based on the weather ahead. You also need to include a bait stop. As always, fresh bait is key! Salmon , squid , slimeys , trevally , yakkas etc. Chris takes you through each and every step, all the way through to boating a monster – all the details to give you a better idea how to go out and do it yourself.

Once you get your head around the hard parts, you will start having great consistent success catching gummy sharks. All the details will be in Chris’s reports in the coming weeks available on saltguide.com.au. But get onto them, as they only stay up for the week!

Join up to Salt Guide for weekly Port Phillip Bay and Western Port fishing reports on where to go (including GPS marks), what to target and why. There’s also 100’s of short tutorial videos are there for you, so you learn how to rig up, when to burley, the gear to use as well as how to bleed, clean and fillet these guys when you boat them.