Melbourne summer fishing – what’s biting?

By on January 25th, 2021

Southern blue fin tuna, yellow tail kingfish, monster whiting, calamari, bronze whalers, gummies all waiting for you this summer…

Local Southern Blue Fin Tuna…

There has been plenty of quality local Blue Fin Tuna about in our local Melbourne waters throughout January – the trouble has been finding a weather window! This week the boys were finally able to get offshore, and found plenty to keep them busy.

With some great weather forecast over the weekend, make sure you stay close to the weekly reports on saltguide.com.au but more importantly watch the videos first so you learn how to locate a school and what to do from there!!

One of the main things we hear from less experienced fishos is that when they actually do find a school, they are just not taking the lures. When they are just laying there rippling the water you’re probably not going to catch them. By all means, give it a couple of tries, but if they are not taking the lure, they are sunning themselves and it’s time to move on. It’s also so important to watch the videos to understand how to approach the school and what to do when they do start feeding in front of you.



Don’t give up on the snapper if you’re still keen to chase them. They usually slow down this time of year but Chris persisted with them last weekend and found the absolute mother load of big snapper in several locations in PPB! He had to work a little harder and it took a bit more sounding but he found them. The bite died off again later this week but all information on what to expect and where to look when snapper fishing is detailed in his weekly report.

Yellow Tail Kingfish

We’ve been having some rippa sessions chasing the local kingfish, boating some quality fish. There’s no one better than the G’man when it comes to outsmarting Kingfish and if you’re keen to learn exactly how he goes about it all his LIVE chat on all things KINGFISH is still up on Salt Guide for members to watch right now…


There are some truly quality fish to be had at the moment in both Port Phillip and Western Port with many fish over the 40cm mark.

What about a Bronze Whaler?

Why not try targeting a bronzy this weekend? Gawaine shows you how to burley, rig and bait up for Bronze Whalers in a new vid filmed this week.

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