Gawaine Blake, one of Salt Guide's professional fishers, also operates independently as a professional fishing guide.

Gawaine's Profishinal Fishing Services can join you on your boat or have your group of between one and three join him in his Stabicraft 1850 Fisher. This small group experience enables a highly personalised charter and the opportunity to catch more fish than is possible with more people on a larger vessel.

Table fish CHARTERS

a fun day out with a great feed to show for it

Victoria’s bays have an array of beautiful eating table fish right throughout the year.

Enjoy a great family fun few hours with Gawaine and catch multiple species such as King George whiting, flathead, garfish, calamari and more...

These guides or charters are all about having fun as well as going home with a great feed of some of  Victoria's finest eating table fish.

Table Fish guides are available on your boat or as a charter in Gawaine's Stabicraft Fisher with groups of only up to 3.


Never under estimate the importance of fresh bait and understanding your sounder. Gawaine can jump on board your boat for a few hours and teach you how to get the most out of your sounder and show you how to catch fresh bait...quickly!  



There's nothing like catching Victoria’s most iconic sporting fish in either Port Phillip Bay, Western Port, Port Welshpool or Mallacoota! 


The elusive mighty mulloway. Harder to catch but fight very well and are amazing on the plate.


The southern smooth hound gummy sharks are a great fighting fish and when the rod takes off it is exciting stuff for everyone on board! These magnificent fish also taste great in a light batter.


During the warmer months bronze whaler sharks can be targeted and fight extremely hard. Sizes range from a great eating size of 20 - 50 kg to a huge beast of even up to150 kg!


Claxton is a purpose built Stabicraft 1850 Fisher Pro fitted with the latest in Garmin marine technology for the ultimate fishing experience.

Stabicraft boats are extremely stable giving you a comfortable few hours out on the water.

Ideal for small groups of up to 3 who want the optimum catch rate and fishing experience.


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Gawaine Blake not only provides experienced guides and fishing charters, he also provides his expert knowledge to Salt Guide members with detailed weekly reports including GPS marks, plus100's of tutorial videos and loads more... Click the Salt Guide logo below to learn more!